Wood art was something I sort of stumbled into. I had taken some carpentry in high school that taught fundamentals and sparked my interest in woodworking. But, it wasn't until after I had my first child that I really found myself digging for something I could do from home. Something that would allow me to be available but also be lucrative.

A friend of mine had a beautiful mosaic displayed in her home that I stared at long enough to convince myself it was something I could make. I took my 10 month old to the shop, tore apart some lattice I had laying around, and created my first "mosaic". My work has evolved greatly since then. Don't worry, I no longer use scrap lattice!!

I have been fortunate enough to ship wall art and furniture all over the US! This journey was not one I would have predicted for myself but I've never doubted that God has a plan for us all and he has led me here. I am able to work with my hands and put my heart and soul into each piece I create. I am thankful for each of you for trusting me and allowing me to create one of a kind pieces for your homes!

God Bless.

let's work together